Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brick Store Pub

125 E. Court Square, Decatur, GA http://www.brickstorepub.com/home/

My mother and I attended the Decatur Book Festival this Sunday, and while we were strolling around the busy square, peering into the booths we worked up appetites for lunch. Knowing my penchant for a unique and vast beer selection, my friend Eric had previously recommended Brick Store Pub to me. It is located right in the center of downtown Decatur, so it was a no-brainer for lunch on Sunday.

Brick Store is housed in an old red brick structure and opened in 1997. During the Decatur Book Festival it was packed with people of all ages, including multiple families, but I'm told that the crowd gets more adult and raucous at night, which is appropriate.

My mom, who had previously lunched at Brick Store, informed me that the portion sizes were large, so she ordered an appetizer of baked brie, served with slices of red apple (Red Delicious?), cucumbers and toasted bread ($5.95). It was indeed enough for a small meal. The brie was baked enough to run without being completely melted.
I ordered the Jaws sandwich, which was composed of two pieces of batter-fried cod fish, lettuce and tomato on challah. While the menu described the condiment as "lemon mayo", I was disappointed that I couldn't detect a clear citrus flavor. However, both the sandwich and the side of fries were very good. The fish was tender and the batter wasn't greasy. A good choice at $6.95. A similar selection at may chain restaurants would have cost at least $2 more.

While Brick Store's food is better than that found in your average Atlanta pub, their beer selection is stellar. Currently, the draught menu includes Dry Blackthorn cider (England), Oskar Blues Gordon (Colorado), Kasteel Rogue (a cherry beer from Belgium) and Rogue Captain Sigs Deadliest Ale, which is one of the more rarely served Rogues. For bottles, you may choose among such beauties as Bard's Tale Gluten-free (Connecticut), Eggenberg (Austria), Fullers 1845 (England) and Hitachino Expresso of Japan. I love a beer list that includes lots of brews I've never tried, and Brick Store's list fits the bill.

The crowning glory of Brick Store's beer varied selection was the Aecht Schlenferla Rauchbier, a smoked beer I've been reading about for months. This is the brew that is rumored to smell and taste of fried bacon. Brick Store often (but not always) has it in stock, and I was thrilled when my friendly waiter brought me a bottle. I am happy to report that the rumors are true and that the beer does indeed taste like bacon. It's a little pricey at $10 per pint, but I think you can't beat the unbelievable flavor of this beer.

Service was outstanding throughout. Even on a busy day like this Sunday the waitstaff was on the ball. They seem to work together as needed. Two different waiters handled our table depending on availability, and so we were never neglected.

Verdict: An unpretentious pub with a fantastic beer selection. Quality, affordable menu. My new favorite in the Atlanta area.


  1. I can't believe you had never been to brickstore before! Its definitely one of my favorite places here in Atlanta- every single item on their menu is reasonably priced and complements their beers so well! I have developed my own little tradition since moving to Atlanta and I bring a few good friends there every year for my birthday! The Belgian Room upstairs is great for small-ish gatherings- even though they don't take reservations.

  2. Another great trip to Brick Store on Sunday, February 28, 2010. Our server, Stephennie, was super friendly and the beer selection was fantastic as always.