Tuesday, September 22, 2009

El Myr

1091 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA http://www.elmyr.com/

What is El Myr? Until last Friday night I would have asked you the same question. After my friend Heidi and I had dinner there, in the heart of Little Five Points on Euclid Avenue, I can give you at least a partial answer.

El Myr is a hangout place for those who believe they are non-conforming by dressing in skinny jeans (true for both genders of patrons), donning asymmetrical haircuts and sporting lots of tattoos. For those of you who are familiar with Little Five, I'm sure you're chuckling and agreeing with me that these nice folks are in fact, conforming to the area's standard dress code and attitude.

El Myr is NOT a place for sensitive non-smokers. Patrons make smoke anywhere in the restaurant, and because the tables are so close together you'll feel like you're smoking with them.
El Myr IS a place for drinkers who want decent food at affordable prices. If you like the place you'll have plenty of time to party - on Monday through Saturday it is open until at least 2am. If you still lack a clear mental image of the restaurant at this point, just click on the link above and glance over the home page.

El Myr, according to the aforementioned website, is a "restaurant and cantina." I'm not a big fan of Americanized Mexican food and it is very difficult for a restaurant of this description to impress me. Therefore, I am including Heidi's opinions of the food here in an effort to be fair. Heidi has dined at El Myr numerous times and is very familiar with the menu.

I ordered the nachos ($7.25), and took our waitress' advice that the pork was better than the steak. While the nachos themselves were full of good things - salsa (I had a mixture of mild and hot, as there wasn't a moderate choice), thick sour cream, crisp corn chips and jalapenos - the pork itself was a little dry and overcooked. I was looking forward to juicy chunks of pork and instead encountered thinly shredded, nearly hard meat. The flavor was fine, just not the texture. On the bright side, I did enjoy my sangria. I give it a 6.5 out of a possible 10.

Heidi enjoys El Myr's burritos, and her best recommendation are the quesadillas ($4.50-$6.50). She likes the shrimp best. El Myr also offers a vegan quesadilla with tons of veggies. Additionally, I noticed that the menu features a Green Burrito, which consists of spinach, broccoli, green chilis, quacamole and jalapenos on a spinach tortilla. Sounds promising.

As for beer, you're in luck if you like cheap, bottled pilsners. There's PBR, Red Stripe, Schlitz, Coors Light and the like, with a few better picks like Pacifico and Newcastle. The draft selection is a little more upscale, but no rare brews or originals.

The big problem with El Myr on this occasion was the service. It was polite, but extremely slow. Heidi had chosen El Myr because of its close proximity to Horizon Theatre, where we had tickets to see a show at 8. We sat down at the restaurant just before 7, which should have given us ample time to dine at this casual restaurant. However, it took 10 minutes to get our drinks and 40 minutes for our orders to arrive. Even though I asked for the check when our waitress delivered our entrees, I had to track her down and impress upon her the urgency of the situation at 7:52. After scribbling my signature on the check Heidi and I literally ran out the door and down the block to avoid missing the opening act. Not the ideal situation when you have a stomach full of nachos.

Verdict: Disappointing experience in terms of food and service.


  1. Looks like yet another victory of style over substance. Pity.

    The description of the decor remins me of a restaurant I went to (in of all places) Montgomery AL. The decor was very post-modern and artistic, and when I went to the WC, it took me a while to figure out which of the various fixtures was, in fact, the urinal.

    As for the American/Mexican thing -- I'm spoiled enough by my own cooking to avoid that sort of thing.

  2. Overall, it doesn't sound like this place is long for the world.