Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elevation ChopHouse and Skybar

1723 McCollum Pkwy, Bldg. 600, Kennesaw, GA http://www.elevationchophouse.com/ElevationChophouse.html

On Friday night Kyle and I had dinner with our friend April at Elevation ChopHouse and Skybar. If you've ever dined at the Downwind Restaurant & Lounge at Peachtree-Dekalb airport, you have an idea of what you'll see here. The big draw is that the restaurant overlooks the airfield, so you can watch the planes take off and land while you eat. This is interesting, but keep in mind that the "entertainment" can be noisy.

Elevation's dinner entree prices turned out to be a little more than we'd budgeted for on this particular occasion (two dishes @ $10, but most of them ranging from $15 to $26), so we decided to feast solely on appetizers.

We ordered the calamari, which was served with sides of marinara and citris aioli. I liked that the calamari seemed to be dusted with dill, but the squid itself was a little tough. We also had the gourmet nachos, which included "black bean angus chili", fresh jalapeno relish and peppered queso. This was good but not great. I thought the consistency of the angus chili was a little off. We did however enjoy the capicola flatbread. The bread itself was soft and fragrant, and the toppings were appropriately melted and yummy. All three dishes were generously portioned and we had plenty to go around.

Elevation offers a good selection of mixed drinks and about 15 different bottled and draft beers. I was intrigued by the liquid nitrogen margaritas. They sounded exciting, and they didn't disappoint. These drinks are made tableside by a friendly bartender, and its a pleasure to watch your drink froth, emit large and dramatic clouds of frigid air and practically boil in your glass. The margaritas come in lemon lime, pomegranate and black raspberry. I enjoyed the pomegranate, and considering the presentation and the fact that the charge includes a donation to a local animal shelter, $14 is a fair price.

Friday and Saturday nights are busy, as a Elevation hosts bands which seem to draw a crowd. The upper level of the restaurant overlooks the bar below on one side, and front row seats for the airfield on the other, so there are no bad booths or tables. Along one side of the room you'll find oversized, black leather armchairs which are great for lounging in while you sip your cocktail and watch the band. There's a second bar with seating upstairs, so you'll have several choices of where to perch for the night. The restaurant also offers a Sunday Blues brunch, which I'd like to try in the future.

Verdict: A real find with lots of personality in normally predictable Kennesaw, Georgia. Average to good food with attentive service.


  1. How noisy was it?

    As for the comment "lots of personality in normally predictable Kennesaw" that's sayin' a whole heap right there. You mean there is life after Applebee's?

  2. Oh, that's right -- there's "Frank and Irma's" too. Silly moi.

  3. It wasn't very loud when we were there, mainly because the recent bad weather prevented much air traffic. I have heard it is louder during lunch time, but I can't personally confirm this.

  4. An unfortunate note here: I just received an email from opentable.com that Elevation failed to mark me as honoring my reservation last Friday. I made a point of checking in with the hostess when I arrived, so this omission was very negligent on her part.