Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Road Trip: SunnySide Up, Garden City, GA

4800 Augusta Rd., Garden City, GA 31408 912/964-9898

First I need to confess to my followers that this will be a shorter than average review because I (a) lost my receipt for this breakfast and (b) I can't find a website for this restaurant anywhere on the internet, and therefore cannot check the menu for accuracy. Given these disadvantages, following is my review.

SunnySide Up is a breakfast/brunch place in Garden City, just outside of Savannah, GA. The restaurant itself is quite large, seating about five times the number of customers a Waffle House could accommodate. The decor is somewhat frightful - pastels with cheap booths and chairs - but to its credit it doesn't appear to be trying to be anything other than a diner. Most (if not all) entrees were under $10 and the portion sizes were generous. The restaurant also has ample parking.

If only the food were as good as that of Waffle House. (You KNOW you like Waffle House, so don't scoff at that comparison.)

I ordered a plate consisting of one egg, hash browns, corned beef and toast. I considered ordering the same plate with two eggs, and was glad that I didn't do this because my plate turned out to contain plenty of food. The egg was adequately cooked to order (over medium) and the hashbrowns were nice and crisp, but were not as tasty as the ones at the local Waffle House. The toast was browned but not burned, and appropriately buttered. The corned beef was very bad, mushy and strangely flavored. I am fairly certain it came out of a can. When I asked for extra butter I was promptly given a large scoop. It is interesting that our table was laden with a ample number of individual jelly containers, but every single one was grape flavored.

Service was good throughout, not too pushy and not neglectful. SunnySide Up also has a sister location in nearby Savannah.

Verdict: Average quality food at affordable prices. A family-friendly breakfast option. Avoid the corned beef.

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