Friday, September 11, 2009

Special Feature: Braswell's

based in Statesboro, GA

Braswell's is a condiment purveyor in Statesboro, Georgia. You've likely seen some of their more popular items, such as their dressings or sauces, in your local grocery store. Most recently I've purchased the fig preserves at Harry's Farmer's Market in Marietta, GA.

Braswell's offers many different condiments, including dressings, relishes, honey, syrups and lately specialty teas. The teas were recently featured on Good Morning America, and include appealing flavors such as watermelon raspberry white and peach pomegranate green. On the website they go for $3.75 for 11 oz.

Many of Braswell's products have a Southern flare. For example, they make a great creamy Vidalia onion dressing that I recommend pairing with a chef salad. My dad, like many Southerners, is a big fan of chow chow, and they offer jars of both mild and hot. There's a peach chutney ($3 for 8 oz.) that I would recommend paired with cornbread, and while I detest barbeque in general I was intrigued to see an apple cinnamon barbeque sauce on the website ($4.75 for 12 oz.). A product that I can't wait to try is the Select Praline Flavoring Mix ($8 for 24oz). I can just imagine pouring a little of that into coffee after dinner.

However, my favorite product of Braswell's isn't the dressings, the teas or the sauces. It's the Select Preserves.

About a month ago I was dogsitting for some wonderful friends who always encourage me to eat whatever I'd like from their kitchen while I'm staying there, and although I usually bring my own food I happened to spot a lovely jar of preserves in their fridge. I use the adjective "lovely" because Braswell's Select preserves are packaged in European glassware that can be reused indefinitely after you've eaten all the preserves. I can assure you that you'll be scraping the bottom of the glass soon, because as I found when I sampled the blueberry at my friend's house, the preserves are phenomenal.

The blueberry is fragrant, and rimmed with a visible coating of sugar. The preserves are exactly as they should be in terms of consistency - thick, the kind you'll have to dig out in big clumps with your spoon. Serve it on a toasted English muffin with a tall glass of milk for a wonderful start to any day. A few weeks later I tried the balsamic sweet onion jam, a totally ingenious delight.

Other interesting options that I haven't yet tried are the apricot with Sauterne and the rhubarb ginger. The spiced apple seems like a perfect flavor for autumn. The blueberry is hands-down the best preserves I have ever tasted. It blows the ubiquitous Harry & David brand out of the water in terms of flavor and texture. If you normally love brands like McCutheon's, which is very simple and not overly sweet, then Braswell's Select probably isn't for you. But if you like sweet preserves, these are the best.

Verdict: Once you try the Braswell's Select Preserves, you'll be a loyal fan.


  1. Thank you for your flattering review of Braswell Food Company! Since 1946 we have been making preserves, sauces and dressings in small batches using premium ingredients. We appreciate your comments and please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

    Best regards,
    Chris McMahon

    1. Where can I get the preserves in the Denver area?

  2. I've been enjoying Braswell's Select jams for just over a year and have to agree they are the BEST ever. I adore the Apricot with Sauterne are heavenly but I must say, the seedless Blackberry will make you swoon. The Pomegranate/Raspberry is tart and sweet with my only complaint being the raspberry seeds. I have a jar of the fig but haven't opened it yet.

    I'm going to actively search out other Braswell's products because the bar's been set so high with the preserves! Keep up the good work!

  3. oh my goodness the Blackberry Preserve is the best of all the brands that I have tried. I make my own and now I just buy theirs.

  4. I recently bought a jar of the Raspberry Peach Champagne Preserves and it is the BEST I've ever had. I have toast and Jam every morning so I'm always looking for different flavors. I have found Braswell's website but can seem to find this flavor. Will keep looking though, and will try some others.

  5. I have to agree. I tried the Select- All Natural Blueberry Preserve and I could not believe how great it was. I have been searching for it since then and just checked the Braswell website so I can order some. They are the best!!!