Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crepe Revolution

4600 West Village Place, Smyrna, GA

On Tuesday night I had dinner with my friends Kelly and Beric at Crepe Revolution. Crepe Revolution is located in one of those live/work/play communities just off the Atlanta Rd. exit of 285.

The interior of the restaurant is modern but comfortable. There's a bright red leather couch beside the door for you to lounge in if you have to wait, and in back there's a well stocked bar area. Because the weather was nice we chose to sit on the patio, which is decorated with a trellis of plastic, grapes lighting the railing.

Normally I love crepes. I don't get to enjoy them very often, and I think the last one I ate was at IHOP (it was Nutella-filled and I have to admit, simply delicious). When I browsed the menu the descriptions of both the savory and the sweet crepes practically made my mouth water and my heart leap. About 15 minutes later this same heart took a nosedive.

The main reason for this was my entree, the chicken Thai peanut crepe. Many restaurants serve some type of chicken/Thai/peanut combo dish and I usually really like them. Not this time. The fresh herb crepe itself, along with the chicken and brocolli, was fine. It was the "spicy sweet lime sauce and Thai peanut dressing" that did me in. The lime tasted completely artificial and was so tart it made my lips pucker. The Thai peanut sauce was sweeter than many pies I've eaten, and I'm a Southerner, so that's a major statement. The dish was so disatisfactory that I nearly sent it back to the kitchen, something I haven't done in about 5 years. This crepe was supposed to be savory. What happened?

Kelly ordered the creamy shrimp crepe. This was better than my crepe, primarily because it included bacon. My readers must have learned by now that I think the addition of bacon can improve almost any dish. I also liked the flavor and consistency of the parmesan sauce, and the shrimp was nice and plump. However, the menu indicated that the dish included artichokes, and I couldn't detect them with my eyes or my tastebuds.

On to the desserts, which in my case was the lemon and sugar crepe. If you've ever eaten a lemon filled powdered donut, you have had this same experience except in a much thicker form. I like lemon, so I liked the crepe, which was drizzled with raspberry sauce. It was good but not great. Kelly ordered the apple sizzle, which was comprised of Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, caramel sauce and powdered sugar. This was better than my lemon crepe, but again, not spectacular. All sweet crepes are served with your choice of vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream. Most of the crepes listed seem so sweet that the addition of ice cream might put you into sugar shock.

The restaurant does have some items on the menu that are NOT crepes. There are appetizers like ginger shrimp or "big flat mushroom", which is served with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, and there are multiple salads, including one with duck. There's also a duck confit crepe on the dinner menu. I'm not a duck fan - the bird is just too oily and fatty for my taste - but I'd love to hear a duck lover's opinion on the dish.

Crepe Revolution also offers brunch on the weekends, and I'd be willing to return to try the "baked crepe cups" or the cheeze blintz. Also, the coffee is served in individual French presses, a lovely touch.

Verdict: The menu descriptions are much better than the actual products. Avoid the chicken Thai peanut crepe.


  1. All the dessert Crepes sound much better than the actual entree crepes. I think this is an interesting idea, but I just wonder if it better in theory than in taste.

  2. Hi Kyle.

    I also like crepes -- they always remind me of my high school girlfriend (no -- it's not a reference to her figure -- our first official date was at the "Magic Pan").

    "Thai" in my experience has become an excuse for some of the worst food faux pas in recent year. The urge to make stuff way too sweet ("This dish comes with a delightful 'Peter Pan' Fluffer-Nutter sauce") or overwhelm the palate with too much tart/sweet combos is irresistable. I've learned to avoid anything that presents itself as "Thai" anywhere except at genuine Thai restaurants that I trust.

  3. And what's wrong with duck? Duck is yummy. You've obviously not had it prepared properly.

  4. I should add here that my server made a gross error when charge my Visa for this meal: he gave himself a 100% tip. While I am normally a good tipper, I'm not THAT generous. I called the manager (Neal) and he was extremely apologetic and fixed the problem almost immediately. Kudos to the management for its professionalism.