Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Feature: Cape Food & Beverage

2080 Peachtree Industrial Ct., Atlanta, GA

Yesterday I finally made it around to shopping at Cape Food and Beverage on the north end of Peachtree Rd. My friend Max told me about this place at least six months ago but various activities and commitments have kept me from checking it out until now.

Cape Food & Beverage is a South African grocery store. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. A South African grocery store is actually in operation in Atlanta, GA.

Some of the items on the shelves included Ouma biscuits (several flavors), chutneys, curries, fig jam and peri-peri sauce. I picked up a bottle of lemon pepper peri-peri and plan to marinate some chicken in it soon. I saw a product called Chili Bite Batter and read on the back of the box that a person should mix it with watercress, onion and/or spinach for a tasty dish. Seemed interesting. If you like rooibas tea, a product of South Africa, you've got your pick of half a dozen varieties. I chose the vanilla rooibas by Cape Tea and am enjoying it even as I post this.

The store has also recently begun stocking lots of Cadbury candy bars and other goodies, including Sweetie Pie for $1.55. Kyle sampled it last night and liked it's marshmallow center encased in milk chocolate. I chose a Massaam's deluxe nougat candy in almond cherry flavor. It's sort of like a chewy version of divinity. Very sweet and wrapped in edible rice paper. You'll find a large selection of South African soft drinks, including one called Grapister that looked interesting.

Cape also has two refrigerators full of meat, specifically biltong, droewors and Boerewors. the Boerewors comes in choice of lean turkey or beef. The very helpful female shop manager recommended that I grill them, and since I don't have a grill I declined to make a purchase. They also carry biltong, which I have since discovered is a cured meat made up of ostrich and beef. It's supposedly similar to jerky. If anyone reading this has eaten it or the other meats I would love to read your comments.

The only downside to Cape is the hours of operation. They're open Mon - Fri from 9:30 to 5, exactly when most people are working, and on Saturday from 10 to 3pm.

Verdict: The most convenient route to South African cuisine for Atlantans.

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