Friday, November 6, 2009

Thai Fusion

2140 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA

Yesterday my friends Dave and Courtney had lunch with me at Thai Fusion on Peachtree. Thai Fusion is located in a large shopping center on Peachtree in Buckhead. Look for the yellow brick restaurant Vita if you need a landmark.

The interior of Thai Fusion is understated without being boring. There are lovely framed black and white photos on the walls, which are painted a surprisingly nice mustard color. Or maybe I should say curry color. Hee, hee.

Let's get this out of the way first: the last Thai restaurant I reviewed on the blog was Chaba Thai in Duluth. Thai Fusion is nowhere near as good as Chaba Thai, but it's far more conveniently located unless you live north of the perimeter. It's also less expensive.

The egg rolls were average (and fairly small, about two bites worth) and the crab rangoon, which I normally associate with Americanized Chinese restaurants, was warm and cooked appropriately crisp on the outside while retaining its nice soft center.

For the entrees: I ordered the Massaman chicken, a dish served with a brown sauce containing large wedges of avocado and cashews. I liked it - rate it about a seven on a scale of ten. Dave ordered the Panang chicken and commented that the sauce had a wonderful flavor but was a little thin.

Courtney really enjoyed the spicy basil leaves, a dish that included bell peppers and onions in a spicy basil sauce. She liked the flavor and thought it was appropriately spicy. All of our dishes were attractively presented with plenty of rice. All of our entrees were $8, a nice price for a sit-down lunch.

We also had the green tea ice cream, which I chose because I read another complimentary review of it. It was fine, not great. Green tea ice cream varies greatly in flavor across Atlanta: some like it sweet, some don't, etc. Thai Fusion's version is not sweet and is very subtle. A little too subtle for my taste, although I feel that way about green tea in general.

The service was fine, but the lunch menu promised us coconut soup along with our entrees and we never received any soup. I also didn't see any other patron being served soup, so I'm not sure if they were having a "bad soup day" or if the restaurant just isn't including the soup anymore. Obviously if that is the case they should revise their menu.

(A side note: My followers may remember that another recently reviewed restaurant, Raja, also neglected to serve me soup that was clearly listed as included with the entree on the lunch menu. Maybe I am exuding some sort of negative soup vibes . . .)

Verdict: A quiet and pleasant lunch destination.

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  1. I've eaten there before a couple of times and was pretty impressed. Too bad it's a bit out of my range for luncheon destinations.