Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tasty China

585 Franklin Rd., #B3, Marietta, GA http://www.tasty-china.com/wordpress/

Last night Kyle and I joined a few friends at Tasty China. The commercial sites alongside Tasty China consist of a low-class Latin club, a Mediterranean grocery store and several empty and darkened shops. Tasty China’s exterior couldn’t be more inconspicuous, featuring a steel gray stucco exterior with a simple red sign on the marquee. Tasty China serves mainstream Americanized Chinese food as well as authentic Szechuan selections. My recommendation is to go with authenticity - you can get beef with broccoli anywhere. We have eaten at Tasty China about a dozen times over the past year, so my review contains information garnered from all my experiences there.

Other suggestions for Tasty China are:

Bring a group of people, sit down at one of the big round tables with lazy susans, and share everything.

Now for the food:
Love the cold sesame chicken: dark meat chicken on the bone cooked in sesame oil with sesame seeds. It was fantastic. We happily sucked the salty meat right off the bones, leaving a pile of carnage on the plate underneath the bowl. Next came the hot and numbing beef. The fresh, beautiful bright green cilantro leaves were the first prominent flavor, but after a few bites we felt that super spicy hot sensation that’s produced by hot chili oil and peppers. Sure enough, after about three pieces of meat our mouths were numb.

Another great bet: pork with bamboo shoots. The pork was superb. The dish consisted of perfectly cooked noodles, inch long pieces of pork in brown sauce and very tender, delicious yellow-green bamboo shoots. I tried to eat it patiently, savoring each wonderful bite, but ended up finishing my portion within a matter of minutes. Coriander spring rolls are fresh and unusual, and the fried eggplants is normally incredible, albeit very spicy.

Tasty China isn't just good, it's really inexpensive for the great quality of food you're getting. Kyle and I have often gone with our friends John and Amr, ordering at least seven dishes to be shared between the four of us, and our bill has only totalled around $50.

Another bonus: Tasty China doesn't have a liquor license, so you can BYOB. That's right, you can bring in beer, wine, liquor, whatever floats your boat, and there's no corkage fee.

Verdict: Can't get enough of this fantastic, cheap Szechuan food.

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  1. sounds great. delish inexpensive fare. like
    that four folks can eat for only $50- and
    byobb is cool for friends picky about what
    they drink.