Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1106 Crescent Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA www.vickerysbarandgrill.com

On Saturday my grandmother and I had lunch at Vickery's. Vickery's isn't a new restaurant - I specifically remember having a business lunch there in the fall of 2000 - but I think it often gets overlooked with all of the newer, flashier bars/grills in town. Let me remind you here why Vickery's is still cool.

# 1 - The casual bar. It's a great place to hang out with people of all walks of life. There are businessmen in suits and ties, twenty-somethings in skinny jeans and Converse and everyone in between. The dark, worn wood of the bar itself invites you to step up and have a pint in a place where you can just be yourself. In the main dining room there's a warming fire in the fireplace on cold days.

# 2 - If you're not a fan of the bar, you'll probably like the outdoor patio area. Comfortable and almost home-like.

# 3 - The service. We received outstanding service at Vickery's. Our server was very attentive, bestowing a warm, sincere smile upon us every time he came to our table, and we were also visited twice by the congenial manager.

# 4 - The sandwiches. I had a very good chicken sandwich (The Glenwood - $10) with black olives, avocado and pesto. The oily, basil-based sauce seeped halfway through the thick Ciabatta but not so much as to be messy, and the flavor was present without overpowering the other ingredients. The side of black beans was nice too, providing me with a hearty combination.

A few other notes. We ended our lunch with a serving of the bread pudding, which was I thought was very good, squishy in texture and covered with a simple syrup and plump golden raisins. Maybe I was just in the mood for a winter treat, because my grandmother ate two bites and commented "I've had better." At $5 it was a little pricey.

My grandmother is a tough critic. She was also disappointed with the Southern Pecan House Salad, pointing out that the candied pecans were broken into very small pieces, as opposed to O'Charley's pecan halves on their similar salad. For my part, I'll say that the sliced cucumbers were very fresh and the bleu cheese pleasantly pungent.

Vickery's also has another location in Glenwood Park.

Verdict: A good old standby, an unpretentious choice on busy, trendy Crescent Street.

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