Monday, January 11, 2010

Australian Cafe

48 South Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060

On Saturday Rebecca, Dan, Kyle and I had lunch at The Australian Bakery & Cafe in the Marietta Square. The Australian Cafe' is my very favorite place to eat in the Square. This is why:

The CafĂ©’ serves breakfast and lunch and is decorated with an Australian theme. Flags of Eureka Stockade, Norfolk Island and Torres Straight hang proudly from the ceiling. The space also includes a small store where you can pick up Australian foods like Vegemite, Bundaberg ginger beer, Cherry Ripe and Tim Tam cookies. Every time I eat lunch there I find at least a handful of genuine Australians dining alongside me, clearly enjoying their meat pies and Lamingtons cakes. I can attest that the food is excellent, but even before I tasted it I knew it was so because the small population of Australians in Atlanta would not come from all over the city to patronize this little establishment outside of the perimeter if it wasn’t the real deal.

You can also purchase sandwiches and soups from the Cafe', but my favorite item is the meat pies. Kyle loves the barbecue chicken the best (pictured here), whereas I favor the English pork pie, a thick and solid pie, and the Aussie meat pie, which consists of ground beef in a beef seasoned gravy, baked in a flaky crust. The pies are all hot and hearty, prepared in advance and warmed up quickly for the customers. It's an excellent choice on a cold winter's day. Sometimes the Cafe' offers curry lamb pies, sausage rolls and steak and kidney pies. The pies cost between $3 and $5. Usually one plus a dessert makes a good lunch for me.

The glass bakery counter contains lots of interesting items, although sometimes they are unfortunately a little hard or stale. I've had about a 75% success rates with the desserts, and especially enjoy the cherry ripe slice (shortbread with maraschino cherries, topped with chocolate), the vanilla slice (vanilla custard - goes well with any item on the lunch menu) and the Lamington's sponge cake dusted with coconut. During the Easter season the Cafe' makes hot cross buns, a rare find in Atlanta. All of the desserts range between $2 and $5.

Verdict: A very interesting themed restaurant in Marietta Square. Love the meat pies.

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  1. Just wanted to post another comment about this place. I love this restaurant. Kyle and I ate here on Saturday and loved the meat pies and cherry ripe slice, as usual. Had the chicken curry pie for the first time. Excellent.