Friday, January 29, 2010

Road Trip: Firefly Cafe - Savannah, GA

321 Habersham St., Savannah GA

Our recent short trip to Savannah ended with Sunday brunch at The Firefly Cafe. I also had dinner at the Cafe a couple of years ago and both of my experiences there were good.

I ordered the Savannah Eggs Benedict, which included shredded crab meat and a side of nicely browned hash browns along with the perfectly poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with this combination - the crab just didn't seem to complement the eggs and sauce. The smoked salmon Benedictine at Atmosphere in the Ansley area of Atlanta is heads and shoulders above this dish.

The brunch menu also has a few interesting items, such as sides of sliced tomato (very Southern!) and cinnamon rolls. The banana nut French toast with creme Anglaise' sounds promising, as does the blueberry corncakes or the Italian sausage omelet with red onion, mushrooms, fresh basil, four cheese blend and marinara sauce.

Since I ate dinner there so long ago I can't give very many details on this, but I do remember that I had some sort of shrimp with pasta and I liked it. My brother-in-law, who used to work there several years ago, makes a great salmon with rice, recipe courtesy of The Firefly Cafe.

Firefly Cafe has another advantage: it's a neighborhood place a little off the beaten bath of the more touristy and well-trod downtown area. In the spring and summer you can sit outside under an umbrella and enjoy your dinner without hoards of people continuously walking past you. It's also not overpriced, like some of the other restaurants more centrally located. Our group of 4 spent $67 for brunch, which included a 20% tip.

Service was good, size of the restaurant is small to medium, and the decor is cute without being pretentious - you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and not feel under dressed. The tiny blue-shaded lights that extend from the high ceilings low down to your table and the yellow cloth partitions between the tables along the far wall lend cheerful notes to the basement space.

Verdict: A neighborhood find.


  1. I was there a while back and had a similar experience, ok but disappointing in the details.

    How are you doing btw? Respond to my emails sometimes ;)

  2. Seems to be a nice place, The Firefly Cafe. I wasn't in Savannah yet, but hope to get there one time. Maybe I will try this cafe out. The Savannah Eggs Benedict sounds great... I think, I will like it :-)

    Have a great day!

    Dennis Gates
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  3. I have never been to this Firefly Cafe but the way you describe it makes me interested to visit this place someday. The ambiance seems to be that good including the customer service.Thank you for sharing it. Good day!