Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Road Trip: Jazz'd - Savannah, GA

52 Barnard St., Savannah, GA http://www.jazzdsavannah.com/mainpage.html

I'm always excited when I get the opportunity to dine out in Savannah, Georgia. If Atlanta has the most innovative, best quality dining in the state, then Savannah runs a close second.

On Saturday night Kyle and I joined our friends Danielle and Ben at Jazz'd, a tapas restaurant in downtown Savannah. The dining room, which is located down a flight of stairs in the basement of the building, is decorated in purples, reds and yellows, an attractively vibrant pallete. The bar area is especially well designed, and contains a large selection of liquors.

Jazz'd offers live entertainment Tuesday through Sunday. Between the music and the loud conversations it's a high energy place - you'll probably have to crane your neck to be heard over the people at the next table. It's not ideal for quiet romance, but it's good for small groups who'd like to throw back a cocktail or share small plates of tasty edibles.

I ordered the chorizo stuffed mushrooms ($9), but I thought the melted provolone cheese was a little overkill; the goat cheese within would have been perfect on its own. The southwestern chicken quesadillas, accompanied by sour cream and fresh salsa, was very good. The Cuban rubbed beef satays were probably the best deal at $10. The dish was large and the beef was plentiful, with an original and successful sweet jalapeno glaze. Kyle loved the beef shoulder tender ($13.50), which came with potatoes au gratin and a proscuitto demi-glaze with thin, blackened leeks. Speaking of proscuitto, the saltimbocca dish was flavorful and the pasta tender but overly seasoned with thyme, a powerful herb that should be used sparingly. In hindsight, I'm sorry that I didn't order the potato leek frittata with mango fig chutney. Guess that means I'll have to go back. Can't say I'm sorry.

The best dish I tried was a chef's special of seared tuna amidst pickled cucumber salad with teriaki sauce, ginger, and what I think was a well-placed shake of Chinese five spice powder. A wonderful profusion of flavors.

There's also a special for two that includes a choice of soup or salad for each person, 2 tapas each and 2 desserts for $60. Kyle and I didn't go for this because we didn't want to waste time on soups or salads, dishes we eat each and every single week for lunch. However, our party did share a serving of the Grand Marnier creme' brulee, which was fantastic.

It's pricier than Atlanta's Eclipse di Luna, with the tapas ranging from about $8 to $15 each.

Verdict: A slightly expensive but very good tapas joint in an entertaining venue.


  1. I tried to go to Jazz'd on a Friday night in the summertime, and the wait was 1.5 hours.

    I've actually had a hard time finding a decent dinner in Savannah. Most are seafood tourist traps with high prices and sub par food. I ate at Bull St Chop House and had a good steak.

    Would love to hear some good recs as I go to SAV a lot.

  2. Jimmy - you may want to check out my review of Sapphire Grill from August, although I admit it's not cheap. I'll also have another Savannah review coming up this Friday. Stay tuned!

  3. Hi! I'm enjoying your blog. My parents are going to savannah in a couple of weeks and being the family foodie ;), I want to send them to a great restaurant. I noticed a restaurant called Nobel Fare. Have you been? It s owned by a husband and wife team... Which is nice and their food seems to be about local cuisine. I'll be back to check on what you say about your most recent trip. I was in savannah and the restaurants were pretty bad considering a lot of research on my part. Heh... I need help from a local. They want to go somewhere around the historic area... But I'm sure with a little push they ll just go for something that is highly recommended. Thanks for doing what u r doing.

  4. Hi Ms.! Sorry it's taken me a while to respond - I haven't been back to the older posts to read the comments recently. Glad you are enjoying my blog.

    Unfortunately I have not been to Nobel Fare. I have a friend who lives in Savannah and her boss has been. She says it's QUITE expensive, but excellent.

    I'm hoping to visit my friend again within the next couple of months, before Savannah becomes hot as Hades, and then I'll have more Savannah posts.