Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Treehouse

7 Kings Circle, Atlanta, GA www.treehouseatlanta.com

On Friday I had lunch at The Treehouse. The Treehouse is located in Peachtree Hills, less than 5 minutes from Peachtree Rd. in Buckhead.

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about The Treehouse at first. It's appropriately decorated in shades of brown and green, but it seems a little gloomy from the outside on an overcast day. Inside you can take your pick from the casually mismatched tables, sitting inside the front area near a heat lamp or along the edges of the patio facing an array of potted greenery. On Friday it was about 1/3 full of patrons ranging from college students to old men reading newspapers. The bar looks like a cozy place for locals to hang out.

The lunch menu is fairly small, with a few salads, a soup du jour, quesadillas, tacos and burgers. You can start with the usuals: buffalo wings, chips and salsa or chicken fingers - nothing stands out, no item is particularly creative. The blackened grouper Reuben, the most expensive item on the menu at $9.95, was probably the most exciting selection.

I went for the quesadilla. For $6.00 it comes with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses, cilantro and a side of salsa, and from there you can build it to your liking, adding various ingredients. The basics, such as black beans or jalapenos, are $.75 each. The special items, such as Canadian bacon and guacamole, are $2.00 each. My quesadilla contained tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and sour cream. I sat back and waited somewhat skeptically for my lunch to arrive.

First point in The Treehouse's favor: I got my order in 7 minutes flat, making this a great restaurant to patronize on my workday lunch break. Second point: The service was very friendly throughout my meal. Third point: The quesadilla was unbelievably good. The spinach was super fresh, cut in thick strips instead of chopped into oblivion. The tomatoes were very red and juicy, and the sour cream was thick and flavorful. The salsa was clearly homemade, not your usual Pace or other store-bought brand, almost like a chimichurri. And the tortillas! I'm not sure if they rubbed them with butter or fried them in some sort of special pan, but they were beautifully browned and crisp, nearly melting in my mouth. I had to force myself to eat it slowly.

I'll definitely come back for more.

Verdict: A surprisingly good neighborhood place.

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  1. Sounds really good. So when are you taking me there for dinner? :)

    I'm off to Tempe tomorrow with two students for a conference; I'm hoping to have some good Mexican food.