Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little 5 Corner Tavern

1174 Moreland Ave., Atlanta, GA

On Friday night Heidi and I had dinner at the Little 5 Corner Tavern in the heart of Little 5 Points. If you're wondering how to locate it in this neighborhood of crazy facades and loads of loiters, look for the one that looks like a garage that's been tastefully spray-painted. Inside there are really cool booths rimmed with high back seats or exposed brick walls, and the place has ample space for diners without being crowded. It encourages you to relax and throw back a pint or two. This is a moderately priced restaurant. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive either. More on this subject later.

If you like good old fashioned fried food, you've found your personal heaven in the Tavern. There are fried artichoke hearts, fried buffalo-style shrimp, onion rings and shrimp and corn fritters on the appetizer portion of the menu. Heidi and I greatly enjoyed the fritters, which are fried with peppers and onions and served with a homemade mango dipping sauce. Or at least that's what the menu said - I couldn't detect even the faintest hint of mango, but I liked the creamy white sauce nonetheless. We were served at least 8 fritters, which put them at about $1 each ($8). I think this was a reasonable price.

For our entrees, Heidi had the Asian tuna burger ($8.75), which is a tuna patty with ginger-mustard glaze and Asian slaw. Heidi loved the seared-tuna, but couldn't handle the horseradish heavy slaw. I had the French Dip, which wowed me with it's excellent juicy meat and thick slices of melted provolone. The au jus as also dark and lovely, and the side of fries was well-seasoned and crisp ($8.75).

Hearkening back to my comments that the restaurant isn't cheap, one thing I'm referring to here is the beer. However, that doesn't mean I think it's overpriced. The Tavern serves a very well-selected I've heard that the Porter Beer Bar, just a few doors down from the Tavern, has an even better list. I'll compare the two once I make it over there, hopefully within the next couple of months. If it turns out there are two bars with great, noteworthy beer lists on the same street than Little 5 gets my award for best area for beer lovers in the city.

My last word on the beer: May I suggest La Terrible, a Canadian brew the Tavern has on tap for $6/pint? It was fantastic, a perfect complement to the French Dip. Not a light meal, but it truly hit the spot.

Verdict: A success on both beverage and food fronts.

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