Friday, March 12, 2010

Fickle Pickle

1085 Canton St., Roswell, GA

Last night Heidi and I had dinner at The Fickle Pickle in historic Roswell, Georgia. The first thing I have to say about this is that I almost never found the place. This wasn't the fault of The Pickle though. Here's a tip - if you're get off 400 at the Northridge Rd. intersection and travel down Roswell Rd., Roswell Rd. will become Atlanta St., and soon afterwards the road will fork. Stay to the left! My days of mapquesting are over.

Now, on to the food. The Fickle Pickle is owned by the same people as Relish, which I reviewed and liked back in October. The Pickle is more casual - probably the best words to describe is are "down home". You place your order at the counter and take a seat at any checkered tablecloth covered table in the multi-room restaurant that used to be a house (I know, I'm reviewing lots of these converted places lately). The menu is posted on a large chalkboard above the register, and most of the selections are gourmet sandwiches or salads. The menu isn't as upscale as that of Relish, but it's also less expensive. I spent a whopping $10 on my sandwich, side and dessert and had enough food for lunch today.

Heidi and I started with the fried, sliced pickles. They are served with a Creole' remoulade sauce that's decent. I liked the pickles, but I didn't love them. However, I need to give you the heads up here that I'm not a huge pickle fan in general, so frying doesn't improve their taste that much in my book. For some reason I kept eating them anyway - they perfectly fit the definition of "snack food."

I chose the horseradish beef sandwich as my entree ($8.25). The beef was much meatier than most of the roast beef sandwiches. Expect to have to pull it apart with your hands as well as your teeth. The blue cheese came in big crumbles, a great addition. The sourdough bread was thick, soft in the middle with a firm outer crust. Very nice.

For my side dish, I ordered the The potato salad, which was great. Tangy, in a good way, and chunky with red new potatoes. I rarely eat potato salad because most of the time I think it's lackluster and a I'd rather get my carbs from some sort of sugary treat than boring ole' potatoes. This potato salad is not boring.

Finally, I ate a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. Loved it. Red velvet is sometimes fails to excite me. Lots of bakeries or cafes in Atlanta like to make red velvet cakes and cupcakes because it's a quintessentially Southern flavor. Lots of them mess it up. I can tell you that I have never made a red velvet cake that was to my own liking, so I feel for these poor people.

Fickle Pickle makes a great red velvet cupcake. Delicious. I'd love to know their secret, but I'm sure they're keeping it.

Verdict: A casual, down home restaurant in historic Roswell. Don't miss the red velvet cupcakes.

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