Friday, March 5, 2010


3097 Maple Dr., Atlanta, GA

On Wednesday I ate lunch at Mosaic. Despite the fact that Mosaic resides in the heart of Buckhead, a stone's throw from the LA Fitness on Peachtree, I just now discovered it. It's down Maple Drive in the form of a really cute brick and white house with patio. The decor and pricing is similar to that of nearby Anis, but it's a little less worn and less French of course.

The other major difference between Mosaic and Anis is the service. The service at Anis is usually aloof and often slow (you know the French stereotype, right?). The service at Mosaic is outstanding. My female server was warm and attentive, and she made an excellent suggestion, that I try the daily special, grilled mahi-mahi with veggies sauteed in a ginger soy sauce ($13).

It was simple, or maybe I should say simply divine. The mahi-mahi was perfectly grilled, still juicy and meaty, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that "veggies" included red onion, bell peppers, celery cut on the bias, carrots and bright green, still crisp snow peas. The sauce was a little much - don't opt for this dish if you're only half-hearted about ginger - but overall I was very pleased with it. The portion was just enough for lunch - filling without putting me to sleep half an hour later at my desk.

The lunch menu also included a roasted shrimp orzo salad that sounded nice and tandoori tilapia with coconut-scented rice. Yum. For dinner you can choose from dishes ranging from the ever-popular butternut squash bisque, paella, and French cut pork chop with horseradish potatoes.

Mosaic also serves Sunday brunch from 11:30am to 3pm with the usual suspects: buttermilk pancakes, eggs benedict, and a Kobe beef trio of slides with a ginger-soy (I'm noticing a theme here) glaze and the above-mentioned tilapia. Not a huge array of choices, but good stuff nonetheless.

Verdict: If you're an Anis fan, try Mosaic for a more American menu and better service.

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  1. Update: I have been to Mosaic twice since this post - once about 6 weeks ago and again last week, both for lunch. I have noticed that even when the restaurant is nearly empty the service is pretty slow. It is difficult to get out of here without exceeding my 1 hour lunch break. Nevertheless, the food has been good every time. the tandoor tilapia was indeed great, as well as the grilled salmon salad and sliders. Everything I have tried at Mosaic has a nice subtle flavor (except the mahi-mahi, which really popped).