Friday, March 26, 2010

Special Feature:

What foodie doesn't like discounted meals or dining at new and/or unfamiliar restaurants? makes this easy for you.

I wanted to pass along this secret to other Atlanta foodies. features about a dozen restaurants (and a couple golf courses) in the Atlanta and North Georgia areas. You can purchase diningperks certificates that are worth $10 but cost you only $5, and $25 diningperks that cost you only $12.50. Basically this means you can dine for half price. The restaurant list is updated regularly, so be sure and check the website.

Many of you are probably familiar with, which has a much longer list of restaurants than diningperks. However, when you purchase a coupon from it can only be used at one specific restaurant, whereas diningperks can be used at any restaurant on their list. Also, coupons often exclude things like alcohol or require you to redeem them at certain time, like lunch or dinner. There's no such restrictions on diningperks.

One more difference between and diningperks is that with the former you can print the coupon immediately after you've purchased it. Diningperks mails you the savings certificates. I have never waited for more than 2 days to receive my certs, and I've placed at least twenty orders over the last five years, but keep in mind you're always at the mercy of our dear U.S. postal service. To be on the safe side, place your order a week prior to your anticipated dining time. (Note: the diningperks come in an envelope from "Atlanta Publishing Group". This is not junk mail, it's your coupons!)

Finally, don't forget to tip your server based on the full amount of your check before the discount. If you're still confused about appropriate tipping, see my previous two posts on this subject.

So, go ahead and take a risk on an unfamiliar restaurant. If it turns out to be awful, you haven't spent that much money testing it out. If it turns out to be great, you've just scored a great deal.

Verdict: A cool outlet for coupons for North Georgia restaurants.


  1. I always use coupons for restaurant and dining. My favorite coupon site is -

  2. Dining Perks specializes in the atlanta area and have a few unique discounts that you can't find elsewhere

  3. But where's the list of restaurants that accept the certs?