Friday, April 30, 2010

Paper Mill Grill

305 Village Pkwy, Marietta, GA

Last Saturday my friends Kelly and Joanie joined me at the Paper Mill Grill. Paper Mill Grill is in East Cobb, near the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Paper Mill Rd. The restaurant is in an office park.

I ordered the grouper tacos, which came with cilantro slaw, gaucamole and salsa ($11.99). The cajun seared grouper strips were great - perfectly spicy without burning my mouth. The portion size was also generous - 3 good sized tacos. The salsa was average at best, tasted store-bought. The tortilla chips were awful - like the cheapest generic store brand you've ever tasted.

My friend Kelly tried the BBQ grilled chicken spinach salad ($11.99). The spinach was fresh and bright green, and the chicken was laid out atop the spinach with the barbecue sauce drizzled artfully. Again, a good portion. Joanie had the grilled chicken Greek wrap, which included feta cheese, hummus, Kalamata olives, grilled chicken and shaved romaine in a tomato basil wrap ($9.99). All three of us were generally happy with our choices.

Paper Mill Grill also serves dinner, and there is a separate 3-course for $14.99 early bird menu, but I can't ascertain from the website what hours or days qualify for this. The regular dinner menu is fairly extensive, including everything from filet mignon to Mongolian pork chops. There are lots of seafood choices: diver scallops with French lentils, smoked bacon and apple cider reduction ($21.99), salmon, crap, grouper, trout and shrimp dishes. I'm planning to return and try the Chesapeake au gratin - scallops, shrimp, crab, sherry cream and cheddar herb crust ($23.99).

Service: Our waiter was very nice but we waited too long to receive our food. We were seated near the kitchen, which has an open front, and I could view at least three employees shooting the breeze as we hungrily anticipated our lunch. There were only about 4 other tables with customers, so I'm unsure of the reason for the holdup. However, it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't give them another chance.

Overall, the restaurant is a good option for Cobb diners who'd prefer not to take the trip downtown for an upscale meal.

Verdict: A nicely rounded menu, food comparable to Houston's.

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  1. I strongly disagree with you mam the service there is incredible and very well timed on food its not fast food like you must be used too, but I strongly agree with your opinion of the food...