Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Key West Seafood Market

1976 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA http://www.keywestseafoodmarket.blogspot.com/

On Friday night Heidi and I decided to try Key West Seafood Market on Howell Mill Rd. The restaurant itself is casual and the interior is "cute". One of the reviews on the Facebook page, which was written by an employee, says that the atmosphere is "laid back". I'll agree with that. Heidi and I came to the conclusion that we liked the atmosphere better than the actual food.

We enjoyed the conch fritters, which I see have gotten negative reviews on other local food blogs. I think they were a good size and spiced well. That being said, I have eaten conch fritters at a restaurant on the southernmost point of the real Key West in Florida, and they aren't the same thing. However, I don't usually expect seafood to taste as good in Atlanta as it tastes on the coast. Conch fritters aren't a regular menu item in this city, and I'd be happy to return to the restaurant for another order.

Heidi ordered the shrimp skewers with a side salad. The salad was disappointing - just spinach, a few slices of red onions and cucumbers with a sesame dressing. This should have come free of charge with the skewers, which Heidi said were good but not worth what she paid for them (if there had been an additional skewer, we might have had a winner).

I ordered the Maria Maria's Clams ("clams sauteed in garlic, wine, butter and herbs). Now I adore linguine with white clam sauce, and I order it any chance I get. Since the menu only said that the dish came with "wine" sauce and didn't specify as to red or white, I specifically asked the cashier about this. She said it was white. Well, it wasn't. It was red, a little spicy, with red bell peppers and grated Parmesan (seemed like the stuff in the green canister, not real parm reg). It tasted fine, but it wasn't at all what I was expecting. The sad part about this is that my cashier was actually training a new employee at the time.

Everything was just a little overpriced, with the worst offender being the side items, which are $2.79 each. The conch fritters were $7. The Maria Maria's Clams might have been the best deal at $9.99, because the portion size is large, but don't expect more than about 7 clams.

I'd be willing to return to try different items. This is a relatively new restaurant, and I'd like to give the chef a chance to settle in, or the management a chance to lower the prices (I know, unlikely). In the meantime, if you're expecting the great, fresh and fried seafood you'd find at nearby Six Feet Under, you'll be disappointed.

Verdict: Heidi said it best: "It ain't Six Feet Under."


  1. If you want to go back and try some more, let me know -- I'd be game.

    I've spent a good deal of time in south Florida and eaten my way (for good and ill) through the keys. And I've had many permutations of conch fritters.

    As far as the wait staff goes -- that's why they all need to have tried the menu items.

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