Monday, June 7, 2010

Special Feature: Cajun Meat Company

2207 Roswell Rd., Suite 200, Marietta, GA

On Saturday I visited one of my favorite independent shops in Marietta – Cajun Meat Company.

Cajun Meat Company is a true butcher’s shop, with a Cajun twist of course. You can buy typical choices like filet mignon, pork ribs or brisket, but you can also get lots of other great meats. You can find almost any stuffed meat – chicken, pork chop, quail and rabbit – and plenty of sausage – chicken, tasso, andouille, Italian, homemade pork boudin. This place is definitely a sausage lovers dream.

Need a uniquely Cajun side dish? How about shrimp dressing, crawfish ettoufee’, or chicken and sausage gumbo?

Cajun Meat Company also has a set of shelves with Zatarain’s, Cajun and Creole spices, rice, etc.

OK, I’ll admit it: you can find most of these items in either your local grocery or specialty store. So why patronize Cajun Meat Company? For one thing, you may be able to buy the items elsewhere, but probably not all in one location. If you’re going to have a real Cajun feast, this is a one-stop shop for you.

For another thing, it’s a great, local family-owned business. The staff is always hard at work and willing to answer your questions about the meat and dry goods or provide cooking tips.

During the holiday season, you can order turducken. What in the heck is turducken? It’s “A De-Boned Turkey stuffed with sausage stuffed with a De-Boned Duck stuffed with sausage stuffed with a De-Boned Chicken stuffed with cornbread.” I have never tried turducken myself, mainly because you have to order it in large quantities, a breast being $43.50 and an entire turducken (15 pounds) costing $69.95. However, every person I know who has tried it raves about it. One of these years it will be my turn to host the family Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and my guests will be in for a surprise.

Turducken isn’t the only novelty offered at Cajun Meat Company. You can also order a deboned stuck pig. I couldn’t find a price for this on the website.

Cajun Meat Company is tucked in a shopping center near the intersection of Roswell Rd. and Barnes Mill Rd., in the corner beside a Curves fitness. It is closed on Sundays.

Verdict: A true original in Marietta, GA.

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