Thursday, June 10, 2010

Il Bacio

2571 Piedmont Rd., Ste. 120, Atlanta, GA 30324

My friend Kevin and I have had dinner at Il Bacio three times now, so this review is indicative of all our experiences.

On Tuesday I ordered the daily special appetizer, which was a crab-filled ravioli with a lobster cream sauce. I would give this a 4 on a scale of 1-10. It was overly fishy, and the sauce was runny. Kevin has ordered the lasagna di casa ($11.95) twice, and wasn't very impressed. The proscuitto de parma focaccia ($7.95) was better, but a little lackluster. Maybe if they added more arugula, the flavor might pop more.

The bread presented at the beginning of the meal is like a thinner version of Pizza Hut's breadsticks, and it's served with butter, not olive oil. I thought this was supposed to be an Italian restaurant?

Kevin really enjoyed the minestrone. The item that gets the best marks in my book is the gelato. It's creamy and generously scooped. There are some traditional Italian choices as well as a few novelties, such as oatmeal cookie and Girl Scout Thin Mint. I like the regular mint and the Smores flavors. Kevin found the oatmeal cookie overly sweet.

I've never tried the pizza, which seems to be much of the restaurant's draw, because they only serve it by the slice at lunch. At dinner, you have to buy a whole pie.

Service has been pleasant and fairly swift each time. The decor is attractive, but lacks personality.

This may be the key to understanding the restaurant - it's there, and you'll receive edible food and good service, but nothing stands out, nothing differentiates it from any other Italian restaurant in this price range. Everything is a little bland.

Verdict: Average.

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