Monday, June 28, 2010


240 N. Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Saturday night marked another trip to Virginia-Highlands for me. Kyle and I dined at Parish.

First off, the d├ęcor is great. Original floors, tin-plated ceiling, and rustic pottery with bright green granny smith apples livening up the tables. Iced tea and water are poured from mason jars, and a well-stocked bar lines one wall.

There are several interesting and often nostalgic options on the "supper" menu, including a picnic plate appetizer (pimento cheese, shaved honey baked ham, buttermilk biscuits and green tomato pickles - $9) and Root Beer Floats ($7). If only Kyle were a bigger sausage fan, I would have loved to try the appetizer sausage plate - 3 different homemade sausages with spicy mustard and chow chow ($8). Another delightful sounding item was the TV Dinner entree, described as a meat and 3 with a treat.

Intrigued, Kyle ordered the TV Dinner ($15). It was served in a cheerful orange tray, Saturday’s featured menu was maple turkey with dressing, roasted broccoli, a corn medley and cherry chocolate shortbread.

Alas, the TV dinner turned out to be a cuter concept than an impressive reality. The roasted broccoli was too spicy, leaving a bitter aftertaste in our mouths. The dressing was the cornbread kind, and I’m never a fan of that. It was a little too bland for my taste.

The Mississippi stuffed catfish ($17), however, was great. The stuffing is tasso ham and Louisiana crawfish. The dominant flavor is the ham, which is quite savory. Our waitress promised it would be flavorful, and it was. It wasn’t a huge portion, but it was just enough. Kudos to the chef on this item.

For my own dessert, I ordered the homemade Moon Pie ($7). Again, what a charming idea! Again, disappointing. The Moon Pie was pretty hard, too hard to cut with just a fork. The coating was an almost bitter dark chocolate. I only ate half of it, and I am a chocolate fiend.

The table service was slow, but it took almost 45 minutes for us to receive our entrees. I am more understanding about this when the restaurant is packed, but when we arrived it was only about 1/3rd full. Our waitress was apologetic about the delay.

Kyle and I tried Parish because we had a GroupOn. If we would have paid full price for the meal, our 2 entrees, 2 cocktails and 1 dessert would have totaled $58. While I enjoyed the catfish, I can’t say I think that the dinner as a whole was worth almost $60. I’d be willing to return and try some other items, as long as I had another coupon.

Verdict: Better than Fontaine’s, but needs improvement. Slightly overpriced.

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  1. The TV dinner is definitely a novelty more than a good entree. I really felt like the food in that particular entree is mass produced for the amount of people who will order it as what it is, a novelty. I would recommend getting one of the other entrees which are going to be of a higher quality.