Tuesday, July 13, 2010

King of Pops


So after hearing people sing its praises for a couple of months now, I finally got around to trying King of Pops.

If you haven't heard the scoop on King of Pops, you've missed an interesting story. The owner, Steven Carse, lost his corporate job at AIG and opened a gourmet popsicle business, meaning that he bought a rolling cart (like the ones that hotdog guys in NYC use) and began making and selling interesting and delicious popsicles. It might sound crazy, but it's been an amazing success.

And after tasting the popsicles myself, I can see why. When my friend Heidi and I visited the cart across from Manuel's on Thursday we were happy to see at least seven different available flavors. For example, coconut lime, banana puddin' and lemon basil, all of which sounded nice and refreshing on a scorching hot day.

Heidi opted for the ever-popular chocolate sea salt, which was rich and creamy (but not entirely salty enough for my taste), and I had the pineapple ginger. This was tart, juicy, and full of fresh, minced ginger. A truly unique flavor.

While we ate dinner across the street, I watched as car after car stopped to buy popsicles at the cart. Moms with little kids in minivans, hippies in Subarus, middle aged people in business clothes and teenage girls all happily purchased pops. One bearded biker rode away doublefisting chocolate sea salt popsicles. Clearly, age, gender, race or station in life are not determining factors in good popsicle taste.

I want to eliminate some confusion here - there are now TWO King of Pops carts, each manned by one of the two brothers (I believe their names are Steven and Jonathan). One is always located across the street from Manuel's Tavern, and the other moves around to different places in Atlanta.

The brothers update their locations on their Twitter site, so you can determine their whereabouts and make sure they haven't run out of treats before you drive downtown.

The pops are $2.50 each, which isn't super cheap, but is a fair price for what you're getting - a conveniently constructed slice of fresh flavors and happiness.

Verdict: A winner. An excellent treat for a hot day.

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