Tuesday, August 17, 2010


2145 Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA www.lemongrassmarietta.com

On Friday night Kyle and I had dinner at Lemongrass in Marietta. It’s tucked back into the far left corner of East Lake Shopping Center, across from Wild Wing Café.

We started with the chicken satay appetizer ($7.95). The chicken was perfectly grilled, boasting a nice dark orange hue with deep brown around the edges. The peanut satay sauce was thick and dark mahogany, very tasty. Other appetizers include spring rolls, basil rolls and shrimp salad.

Green curry is my absolute favorite Thai dish of all time, the standard by which I judge a Thai restaurant. Consequently I ordered the green curry tofu ($9.50). Lots of Asian restaurant serve a large entrée that’s big enough to make a future leftover lunch. This was no exception. I had plenty of good tofu, crisp snap beans and bell peppers, soft bamboo shoots, sauteed onion and big leaves of fresh basil and cilantro to fill me up and then some. The dish was excellent.

Kyle ordered the sweet and sour chicken ($9.25). This is similar to Chinese sweet and sour with a lighter colored sauce which gets its tangy flavor from sliced pineapple. He gave it his seal of approval.

Additional entrée choices include an array of curries, Pud Thai and other rice or noodle dishes, Dessert is simple – your choice of mango, coconut or green tea ice cream for $2.95. My favorite is the coconut. In my mind, rich, creamy coconut is the signature ingredient in Thai food and I like to end my meal with it. (Which I couldn’t do on Friday, because of course I’m still on my diet).

If I had to pick a standout trait of Lemongrass’ cuisine, it would be the good quality of the sauces on the entrees. They are always thick and flavorful, true winners.

The service was fine, good enough considering the restaurant was packed to the gills with more people waiting. We arrived at 8pm and waited only about 5 minutes before being seated.

All of the entrees are affordable, most are around $9 and can be served with your choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, tofu or simply vegetarian. I’ve eaten at this restaurant at least half a dozen times over the past 5 years, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. I will also say that it’s several cuts above nearby Pattaya on Powers Ferry Rd.

Verdict: Very good Thai food in Marietta, GA.

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