Friday, August 20, 2010


6435 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA

On Monday night Kyle, our friend Amr and I had dinner at Persepolis, a Persian restaurant in Roswell Rd.

As soon as we sat down the staff brought us a huge flat bread along with a bowl of some absolutely delicious feta cheese, fresh mint and basil, chunks of radishes and onion.

We started our meal with the Persian Pickles, which are normally $3.99, but the restaurant was offering a buy-two-entrees-get-one-appetizer/dessert-free deal. The pickles were about the width and length of a man's finger, and were vinegary and delicious.

Kyle ordered the Joojeh Kabob ($13.99). This is skewers of cornish hen in saffron rice with rice (everything comes with basmati rice). He liked it, but I tasted it and thought and it was too gamey.

Amr ordered the Barreh (lamb) kabob ($15.99), which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I ordered the koresht fesenjan, which is steamed chicken in a sauce made of ground walnut and pomegranate sauce ($10.99). The sauce was thick and dark maroon in color, with a pleasant sweet/sour flavor. The only thing that disappointed me about this dish was the small portion of chicken - maybe four pieces about half the size of a chicken tender.

Service was attentive throughout. A team of servers kept our drinks filled and got our entrees on the table quickly.

The menu boasts some interesting dishes that I haven't encountered in some other Persian restaurant in Atlanta. For example, there are several dishes with sour pitted cherries, and fish kabobs. The daily specials all appear promising. When I return I plan to try the koresht gheimeh, cubed beef with Persian splitpeas, sun-dried lime simmered in Persian tomato sauce with spices ($10.99). Doesn't that sound warm and mouth-watering to you?

Persepolis offers a Royal Persian buffet lunch from noon to 3pm on weekdays, as well as brunch on the weekend.

Verdict: It doesn't have the ambiance of Darvish in Alpharetta, but Persepolis serves up equally great Persian cuisine.


  1. Howdy Neighbor. I'm near ATL.. but kind of out in the boonies. Good to have you here to show me what I'm missing.


  2. Hi Keri! Glad to have you as blog follower. Where is "out in the boonies" exactly? I try to get out of the city and review restaurants as much as possible. Maybe I'll be in your area soon.