Friday, November 19, 2010

Kuroshio Sushi Bar

840 Ernest Barrett Pkwy., Ste. 500, Kennesaw, GA

Loathe to return to our regular lives following our return from our honeymoon, Kyle and I had a nice lunch at this sushi restaurant in Kennesaw last Sunday.

The menu for this restaurant is quite long and varied. There are a few temaki rolls (conical shaped hand rolls), traditional maki and , yakatori sticks and tempura, dollar maki and dollar nigiri, a bevy of sashimi platters, as well as non-sushi dishes like teryaki, spicy lemongrass meats, grilled seafood and noodle soups. If you like Japanese food at all, you can find something you'll want to eat here.

If you're into specialty rolls, you'll love this place. The menu features two whole pages of special rolls crammed with every sort of fish and topping imaginable. Most of the rolls have "cute" little names, some of which are locally inspired, like the KSU Owl Roll (lots of crunchy items in this).

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I'm primarily a sushi traditionalist, ordering maki about 90% of the time. I don't like hard things like asparagus or "fillers" like cream cheese in my sushi. I think that most sauces mask the flavor of the fish instead of enhancing it. I also think rolls with "cute" names are an unnecessary gimmick, most often employed when the house knows their fish is of inferior quality and wants to distract the naive' American customer. However, I was in a particularly good mood and feeling open-minded on Sunday, so I ordered a special roll. Must have been the post-honeymoon bliss.

I chose the Hip Hop Roll ($12). This is comprised of yellowtail and scallions, topped with super white w/avocado and spicy tuna sauce. While I still believe that plain old maki or nigiri are tops, this was pretty good for a flashy, incongruously named roll. The yellowtail was of good quality, and the sauce wasn't half bad, I just think there was too much of it.

Kyle ordered the Sassy Nana Roll ($11), which is salmon, asparagus and cream cheese topped with bluefin tuna and super white fish, coated with sweet spicy sauce. It was a minor miracle that Kyle even ordered this roll, as he typically turns his nose up at any seafood that isn't canned tuna. You have to take this into consideration when I say that he liked the roll, but didn't love it. I had one piece and pushed it aside, but you also have to consider my early paragraph about hating at least half of everything about this roll.

We also shared a plate of beef fried rice ($9). It may sound a little expensive, but we received a very large portion, enough for a lunch for me later in the week. Kuroshio's fried rice includes chopped zucchini along with the usual vegetables like green onion. An interesting and pleasant addition. This dish keeps well when refrigerated.

Verdict: There is such a good variety of sushi, etc. here that I would definitely recommend Kuroshio to anyone. I think the fish was good for the price, and the service was excellent. I'd definitely be willing to return.

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