Thursday, December 23, 2010

Special Feature: Celso's Cakes

6070 Dawson Blvd, Ste. C, Norcross, GA

I heard about this place a couple of years ago from a co-worker of mine who had used the bakery for her wedding. Last spring Kyle and I scheduled a wedding cake tasting and were just thrilled with the absolutely delicious taste of these cakes. Celso's cakes were phenomenal, and at least $1/slice cheaper than the other Atlanta bakeries I considered prior to my wedding.

And our cake came out beautifully. Kyle chose the larger, bottom layer, which was a vanilla cake with white chocolate raspberry fill. I chose the top layer, which was bittersweet chocolate cake with amaretto fill. Our wedding guests had a nice choice and raved about the moist cake, thick icing and true raspberry and amaretto flavors.

Last night I returned to Celso's to pick up a few of their holiday boxes, which come in three sizes and contain pound cake, gourmet cookies and pecan diamonds. Everyone at my wedding enjoyed my cake so much, I decided this would be an excellent gift for several people on my list. Wish I could have picked up an eggnog cheesecake for myself.

While I was there I gazed into the glass counter, which contained all kinds of little goodies. Celso's sells petit fours, mini cupcakes, chocolate napoleons and assorted pastries year-round. The mango mascarpone cake sounds great too, doesn't it?

Chef Celso has lots of experience baking in Atlanta. He's a former pastry chef at the SwissHotel, Grand Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton. He is always on hand to deal with customers directly, and is often accompanied by his lovely wife, Pavla. When brides schedule a tasting, they'll be meeting with the actual chef who will bake their cake. How's that for peace of mind?

Verdict: Make this your first choice for special occasion cakes.

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