Friday, February 25, 2011

Ceviche Taqueria

963 Canton St., Roswell, GA

Seems like all I eat these days is tacos, right? Well, I haven't reviewed anything in Roswell in at least 6 months, so here you go.

Last night Heidi, her friend Nikki and I had dinner at this smallish place in historic Roswell. As soon as we were seated we received the old Mexican standby, a basket of tortilla chips and some bland red salsa. We ordered the guacamole appetizer, which I liked although I Heidi and I agree it could have been chunkier, less smooth. I love guacamole, but this was not a large portion and it cost $5.95. We definitely paid too much.

Sticking with the restaurant's theme, I chose the Peruvian corvina ceviche ($10.95). Unlike the guacamole, I got a lot of this - a whole plate of fish, lemon and orange juices, cilantro, garlic, onion, jalapenos, parsley and cayenne with two wedges of lime and some saltines on the side. Since the dish contains both jalapenos and cayenne, you shouldn't be surprised that it's on the spicy side, but it didn't come with that long-term burning-mouth sensation most of us dread.

Heidi got the shredded chicken tostados (also available in ground beef) for $8.15. She really enjoyed the quite crisp, fried tostadas, along with the generous portions of sour cream, lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado. As you can see from the pic, it's quite presentable.

I also ordered a Texas Margarita with El Jimador Silver Tequila. Not too much sweet and sour, and a good balance between the tequila and Grand Marnier. I thought it was worth my $7.77 (the prices are random here, right?). Heidi and Nikki both had glasses of the the white sangria, and commented on how smooth it was. Heidi liked it even better than the white sangria at at previously reviewed Kiosco in the Marietta Square, and would happily order it again.

On the home page of the website you'll find pictures of both little kids with stuffed animals and cute waitresses downing taquila. Strange combination, right? When I first arrived there at 6pm, the place was full of small children, but by the time I left at 7:30 the crowd had gotten older and a little trendier. Plan your excursion accordingly.

The service was good, our waitress friendly. You can eat inside or dine out on the patio, but if you get there during prime hours you'll likely wait a while, due to the size of the place. There's street parking and a few lots within walking distance.

I liked this place, enough to eat there again if I was in the area, but not enough to go out of my way for a meal or to put it on my regular rotation.

Verdict: A slightly above average restaurant in a cute location. Thumbs up for the white sangria.

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