Friday, March 18, 2011

Lime Taqueria

4600 West Village Place, Smyrna, GA

Last night Kyle and I had dinner at Lime in West Village Place in the same live/work/play center as previously reviewed Crepe Revolution. A taqueria and tequila bar may seem like an odd pick for St. Patrick's day, but with a name like that, you can count on all the decor being green, green, green. There's a patio, and the interior is playful, with bright paint, paper lamps hanging from high ceilings, faux lime trees in pots, and big stuffed limes lining one wall. It's cute for sure.

They started us out with chips and salsa. Kyle liked the salsa better than I did, but I'm hard to impress when it comes to salsa. The small container had a huge piece of tomato in it which took up about half the space inside, and the flavor was average. The chips were thin and bland.

Kyle ordered the enchilada de pollo (chicken enchiladas - $11). This is a dish of marinated chicken, queso fresco and salsa verde topped with lettuce, tomato and sour cream. He thought it tasted great, but the portion size was a little small. It's a good idea to pair an appetizer with this dish. You may select from the typical Mexican offerings like quacamole dip, quesadillas or nachos, or go with something like the mejillones - mussels sauteed in white wine chipotle cream sauce with toast points ($9). I didn't order this, because Kyle hates shellfish, but it sounds pretty good.

I ordered the agave tuna ($12). It's hard for me to resist pan-seared tuna, especially when it's done up "special", like covered in sesame seeds and tossed with agave nectar and tequila vinaigrette (atop a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, mango and avocado). The sesame seeds were there in full force, but I couldn't taste anything like agave or tequila. My tuna was also overcooked. This is really a salad - there were more greens than anything, but at least the greens were fresh. The tomato and mango are served in thin slivers, so if you're expecting a lot of those, you'll be disappointed. The avocado is cut up in big chunks, a definite plus. This entree wasn't what I expected, but it was still pretty good.

The coolest thing about this restaurant is the tequila - they have a good selection of brands which you can order by the shot. Depending on how many shots you do, this could get expensive, as the shots range from $8-$12 each. It's a unique idea, though. You can even do a tequila flight for $12, where you get 3 half-shots of any brand, one blanco, one agave and one aged. Kyle ordered this and was finally able to try Don Julio, a brand that's normally out of our liquor budget. I tried the house made pineapple infused tequila (available as a shot or on the rocks for $6). It was nice and sweet, but a little weak. If you want to stick with the tequila theme but are a little afraid of the results, this is the drink for you.

Service was fine.

I don't know what's going on with this restaurant's website. The icons are all out of place, and the main page mentions mojitos, but we didn't see any mojitos on the drink menu last night. Weird.

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  1. Hi, I like your blog. We are food writers in town from Charleston, SC. Your info was very helpful to us. If you ever make it to Charleston let us know.

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