Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Special Feature: Cacao

2817 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA

Today I decided to stop by Cacao. I've been passing it on my way to work since the second location opened a couple of months ago, and finally my curiousity got the better of me and I went inside today on my lunch break. The flagship location is at 312C N. Highland Ave.

Cacao makes a nice first impression. As you can see from the photo, the interior is pretty. Girly pink chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and glass cases hold chocolate goodies of all kinds. It's exceptionally clean and white. The counter was manned by a very polite woman with what I think was a German accent.

I was illegally parked, so I couldn't stand around lusting over the chocolate the way I normally would. Within a few minutes the German woman had sold me a 4 oz slice of almond marshmallow fudge for a whopping $15.50.

I know, outrageous right?

Well, technically there's a reason for that. Cacao is a "bean-to-chocolate" maker. They use all organic ingredients and hand-form the chocolate in-house, mainly at the original location in the Highlands. When you bite into the fudge as I did today, you'll taste a purity, a deep, rich flavor that speaks of beans grown in uncontaminated soil, picked by expert hands and made just for you with love. Or maybe I just convinced myself that's what I tasted because I needed to feel better about just dropping $15 on a slice of fudge that would've cost me $4 at a chocolate shop in Helen or Savannah.

Besides the fudge, of which I saw 3 different flavors (including a great looking one with lots of sliced pistachios), there are plain and dipped marshmallow clouds, fruits dipped in chocolate, truffles, bars, and individually wrapped caramels. You can also enjoy premium cups of cocoa inside the shop, where there are tiny round tables set up for you. The truffles come in delicious-sounding flavors, like lemon curd, mint julep, lavendar apricot and peach amaretto. Wish I could have afforded to try some. A box of 10 is $25. And these truffles are on the small side. I think the ones at Godiva are expensive, and I know for a fact that I love them. This would be an expensive experiment.

Also, I'm pretty sure all of the chocolate is dark. The level of darkness varies, but it's all dark. If you're a milk chocolate lover, you better go elsewhere for your fix.

Cacao will also provide custom chocolate bars for private events such as weddings. God only knows how much that costs.

Verdict: It's nice for Atlanta to have an artisinal chocolate shop, but it won't be affordable for everyone.

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  1. So? Where's my chocolate? *taps fingers impatiently*