Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road Trip: Dahlonega - Roosters

89 Long Branch Rd # 9, Dahlonega, GA

On Saturday night Kyle and I had dinner with my dad and stepmom at Roosters Cafe in Dahlonega. My dad and sister have been raving about it forever, and despite my general apathy towards hot wings, they finally got me inside this restaurant just off of north Georgia 400.

Did it live up to the hype? Not really.

What I liked about it: The fries are fantastic. Somewhere between thinly and thickly sliced, hand-cut, very salty and hot to the touch. Just greasy enough. You're going to love them. Get a basket for every person at your table. I also really liked the flavor of the sauce on the wings. Kyle and I ordered them mild, which were spicy enough to be labeled medium in any other wing joint I know. My dad advised us in advance that we should order them "wet", meaning dripping with the sauce. Apparently if you don't do this you'll hardly get any sauce at all. The wings are spicy, more on the tangy side than the sweet side.

What I didn't like about it: The drumsticks were pitifully lacking in meat, almost all bone. My dad ordered 10 wings and convinced the nice waitress to bring him all flats - no drumsticks. This is definitely the way to go. The flats were great - plenty of meat to enjoy. The drumsticks were tiny and almost entirely comprised of bone and sauce. They seemed to come from a half starved chicken. You'll barely get two bites out of each, and that's if you're especially good at working your teeth around the stiff bones. I don't like to have to work that much to get such a small amount of food.

The service was good. There's a small patio along with a good sized indoor dining room and somewhat dive-y looking bar area. This isn't a snobby place - which is good, because a wings place should never, ever be high falutin'. Don't come to Roosters if you're going to be offended by a bunch of bearded rednecks in dirty jeans and waitresses who gather around and smoke with the customers on the patio during their breaks. You'll be happy that roll of cheap paper towels is on your table once you get your hands on those wet wings.

I couldn't find a website for Roosters, so I've referenced their Facebook page above.

Roosters has a second location in Cumming, GA.

BTW - sorry I neglected to get a pic of the actual food. You all know what wings look like anyway, right?

Verdict: When I return, I'm requesting all flats for my wings order.

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