Friday, August 5, 2011

Ghion Cultural Hall Ethiopian

2080 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Atlanta, GA

My friends Erin and Paul had dinner with me at this tiny, tiny place on Cheshire Bridge a couple of weeks ago. Look for the Blue Rat Smoke shop and a smaller sign for the California Food Mart, and you'll find it. Once parked, you'll go in a shady looking entrance, down a path to a second doorway, but don't be afraid - once inside, you'll find a very cute main dining room with a bar and a stage set up for musical acts.

I've posted more pics of the restaurant itself instead of the food this time because I'm really afraid you won't find this place without some help.

The menu is similar to other Ethiopian restaurants in the area - kitfo, lega tibs, awaze tibs, fish dulet - lots of lamb, spicy items and entrees that can be described as stews.

I'm going to cut to the chase on this review: everything we had was great. Everything. Meat, vegetables, beans - all fantastic. And almost everything is priced $10 or less. Whether you get "barely cooked" ground beef, fish in butter and olive oil, chickpeas and tomatoes, or a huge platter of beans and greens, you'll get your money's worth.

If you've ever dined at an Ethiopian restaurant you know you'll be served as much as you can possibly handle - which is the case at Ghion. If you're really hungry, pull up a chair and dig in.

We had excellent service from a lovely young woman who was full of info on the menu. When Erin asked for something NOT spicy, our server recommended a great beef and bell pepper dish that Erin gleefully consumed with some of the great, very slightly bitter injera bread. You'll get as much of this as you need to scoop up your meat and vegetables, and you'll enjoy all of it.

Seriously, I know it looks sketchy, but you'll be rewarded if you give it a try. Once you take a seat and smell the food cooking, you'll relax.

Verdict: I'll be happy to return to this great little restaurant for more.

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