Monday, August 22, 2011

Recipe: Sicilian Meatballs

This recipe is from Food & Wine, and it's unbelievable - the best meatballs you've ever eaten, either at home or in a restaurant. As a matter of fact, ever since Kyle and I started making this recipe, I won't order meatballs at any restaurant, ever. The competition simply doesn't measure up. What makes them so great?

1. The inclusion of currants. Just enough chewy texture, little bursts of fruit within a rich meatball.

2. The presence of the pine nuts. Crunchy, and they add depth.

3. The sauce - put the olive oil and crushed tomatoes (the best quality you can find) on the stove and allow them to simmer together while you're rolling and cooking the meatballs. You'll be glad you gave it some extra time, and this requires no extra effort.

This recipe makes enough meatballs for about 4 people for dinner. Kyle and I love it because we get an excellent dinner (great with some Italian red wine) and an equally wonderful lunch the next, or even several days later. It keeps well, and almost tastes better later after the meatballs have had time to soak up the sauce for a few days.

We like to cook the meatballs until they're dark brown on all sides, which means someone has to stand over the stove turning them frequently. Take my advice - relax and enjoy the experience. Inhale the wonderful aroma of beef, freshly grated or shredded Parmesan, fresh sprigs of parsley, nuts and berries. If you broil some thick slices of buttery garlic bread during the last 3 minutes, you'll get another layer of fragrance.

Verdict: A little more labor intensive than most of the recipes I highlight on this blog, but worth the effort.

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