Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipe: Marinated Pork Chops w/Herb Salsa

I know you just got a recipe from me a few weeks ago, but I made this last week and knew I had to share it with all my followers. I live in an apartment complex in Cobb county, and therefore am not legally allowed to have a grill, so I get few opportunities to put my grilling recipes to good use. Fortunately I've been dogsitting for the past couple of weeks at a house with a great new gas grill, and this has been the best thing Kyle and I have made so far.

I've actually made this recipe about 3 times, and unless you burn the pork chops (which you have no excuse to do if you're watching them while they grill) then you can't screw it up. It's a fantastic summer dish because you can use some of that fresh basil, mint and parsley from your garden. My friends Kathy and Amy sometimes grow lemon basil, which would make a fine, lively substitute for the regular basil. In that case you could probably use only half the lemon juice, or none at all. This is also a great recipe because it's simple and requires only a few ingredients. If you have to buy the fresh herbs in the little plastic packages, you should have enough to double or triple the recipe, or enough left over for other meals later in the week.

Capers, dijon mustard, white wine vinegar - all zingy, potent ingredients - offset by the fresh parsley, basil and mint. You'll love it. We use the thin breakfast chops for this recipe, which cook in about 7 minutes or so. In my mind, pork is always better seared, broiled, falling apart after hours in the slow cooker or grilled as opposed to baked. It's wonderful juices should either be tightly retained (such as when searing), ready to flow into your mouth upon entry, or should be bubbling slightly after broiling or grilling. Getting the edges of the chops just singed from the broiler is my specialty.

Kyle and I like to pair this with a simple side such as buttered corn on the cob or sliced carrots. Enjoy!

And yes, I'll be sure to post a new restaurant review for you by week's end.

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