Friday, September 30, 2011

Road Trip: Savannah - Cobblestone Cafe

130 W Lower Factors Walk, Savannah, GA 912/231-0701

Before we left Savannah, we had breakfast at Cobblestone Cafe. See how cool it looks from the outside? The interior doesn't live up to the exterior. It's a little dark, the furnishings are outdated, the staff appear less than fresh. I'm forgiving of this though, because the Cafe is located in downtown Savannah on the back side of River Street. If you've ever been to River Street, you know it's about old charm, not bright modernity. The Cafe sort of fits the area.

The menu is basically pleasing - oatmeal, cereal, French toast, eggs Benedict, corned beef hash, omelets, juices and lots of flavored coffees and cappuccinos. Most choices are between $10 and $15, which seemed a little steep considering the quality. I would assume the prices are marked up because of the high rent in this part of town, but I don't like making excuses for inflated prices.

A few of us got omelets and thought they were pretty good. Eggs were fluffy enough, veggies seemed okay. My side of bacon was paper thin, nearly translucent, but the flavor was right on target.

The booths were very cramped - think coach-class airplane seats. The service was initially fine, and midway through our meal our waitress must have finished her shift because we never saw her again.

Before I posted this review I noticed a lot of bad reviews of this restaurant on other websites. I want to make it clear that we didn't have a bad experience. I think as long as your expectation is that you're going to get average service and adequate food, you'll be fine here. If you go in expecting something really impressive, you're going to be disappointed.

Verdict: A little better than IHOP.

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